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Dog Oval Temperature Regulating Heating Pad

Dog Oval Temperature Regulating Heating Pad

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Product information:

Product category: heating pad
Power mode: plug
Length: 30cm
Colors: 30cm blue, 30cm brown, 30cm red, 30cm green,
Style: creative style, simple style, and others
Heating method: electric hot wire
Product size: 30*30
Fabric: pet
Additional functions: folding, intelligent temperature control
Material: flannel
Power: 15 W (working 60 hours per hour)
Length of thread: 1.5m+1.2m=2.7m
Set the temperature of level 7 of 25-55 degrees Celsius

You must use a cloth set when you use it
This heating pad must be equipped with a cloth cover for pets
Long term direct contact with the inner bladder of the heating pad would cause low temperature burns. If the cloth cover was still wet after being washed, a thin towel or blanket could be used to replace the cloth cover. After the product was opened, it was forbidden to cover the heating pad with cushion, pillow, quilt and other warm and airless things.

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