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AATU Dog 80/20 Chicken 10kg

AATU Dog 80/20 Chicken 10kg

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AATU is the worlds first 80/20 single protein dry dog food diet. This ultra-premium food is made from freshly prepared, preservative free meat and can be beneficial to dogs who suit a higher meat diet and is enriched with fruits, herbs and botanicals. AATU is so highly concentrated 2.5kg of raw ingredients is needed to make 1kg of finished product and is the first product from Pet Food UK to include their unique Super 8 a bespoke combination of 8 vegetables, 8 fruits, 8 herbs and 8 botanicals & spices.

The World's First Single Protein 80/20 Ancestral diet for dogs
 Made using 2.5 kg of ingredients for every 1 kg of finished product
 Super 8 - A bespoke combination of 8 Vegetables, 8 Fruits, 8 Herbs, 8 Spices & Botanicals
Made in Britain using only the finest ingredients
 Grain, White potato, and Gluten Free - Hypoallergenic

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