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ARDAP Concentrate

ARDAP Concentrate

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ARDAP concentrate in ready-to-use dilution kills flies, mites (including grave mites, Sarcoptes spp.), ticks, lice, fleas, hair and feather flies, as well as other pests such as cockroaches, moths, silver fish, spiders, woodlice, and ants in stables, utility rooms such as floorboards. 

The effect occurs immediately after contact of the vermin with the working solution. A single application last up to 6 weeks. Limed walls do not inactivate the effects of Ardap. The feeding and contact insecticide Ardap works quickly and reliably. 

Mixing ratio
The Ardap concentrate has a mixing ratio of 50 liters of water. It is intended to be mixed by yourself.

Product overview

  • Broad spectrum insecticide
  • For pest and fly control
  • Suitable for severe vermin infestation
  • Effective even on whitewashed walls
  • Available in 200 ml and 500 ml
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