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High Protein Dried Insects for chickens 250g

High Protein Dried Insects for chickens 250g

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A great blend of various types of high protein dried insects, these not only increase natural protein levels but include the full compliment of amino acids and essential fats needed for growth and good health, a great alternative to meal wormsFeeding Guide:Can be fed as sold or mixed with your current feed. Increases natural protein levels great for growth, moult and well being. It can be soaked for young birds, great for bringing birds into roost. Composition:Dried shrimp, dried maggot, dried mealworms, dried water fly.INSECTS FOR CHICKENS:Complimentary Pet food For chickens & garden BirdsProtein: 55%Fats & Oils: 18%Crude Fibres: 6%Crude ash: 7%250 g Plastic display tub

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