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Jungle Trade Supplies Reptile Lamp Holder ES

Jungle Trade Supplies Reptile Lamp Holder ES

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This twin lampholder can hold a UVB bulb as well as a basking bulb in one neat unit and only 1 cable from the unit. Universal ES reptile lampholder is designed to suit all ES bulbs. Manufactured from high quality plastic the unit will withstand high temperatures and therefore wattages of up to 125W on each lampholder. Higher wattages can be used but this may result in the life of the unit being reduced as the plastic will become brittle over a period of time.
It is supplied with a reflector/ backing plate so it can easily be used in a wide range of ways. The bracket can be bent to point the light or heat source in the correct direction required.
The lampholder can, using the holes in the reflector bracket screwed into a wooden vivarium.

Always ensure that heat bulbs are not touching the vivarium surface as this can be a fire hazzard. Please face the heat source away from the edge of the vivarium towards the centre.

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