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Little Friends Cuddle Rat Igloo Black

Little Friends Cuddle Rat Igloo Black

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Forming part of Classic Pet Products' range of Luxury soft bedding for small animals, which all incorporate great designs and colour variations, and are ideal for resting, playing and sleeping!

Little Friends Cuddle up rat igloo - part of Classic's Little Friends range of specialist small animal bedding provides snuggly comfort for your little pets!

This item is suitable not only for rats but also for chinchillas, ferrets and small guinea pigs.

The Igloo is made from high quality material and is semi rigid because the sides and base are partially padded with foam, it can either be used freestanding on the floor of the cage, ideally suited to guinea pigs or it can be suspended using the sturdy straps provided which may better suit rats and ferrets for example.

Overall size - D 30 x H 20 x W 18 cm (12 x 8 x 7 inch).

It will comfortably fit 2 ferrets or 5+ rats.

Please check regularly for signs of chewing and replace as necessary.

All Luxury Bedding can be machine washed at 30 Degrees C.

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