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Marina Seahorse Aquarium Set

Marina Seahorse Aquarium Set

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Fun and imaginative, this Marina Aquarium Set includes everything you need to set up a magical seahorse theme tank. The set comes with cling-on seahorse decals and a flexible cut-out background that features a cast of cool sea creatures. It also comes with a plastic cut-out ornament for additional decoration. After you have set the magical scene with the decals, background and ornament, the rest is also pretty easy. Simply install the filter, then add water and doses of Nutrafin water conditioners (included). The aquarium has an innovative canopy (aquarium lid) that makes feeding your fish with Nutrafin Max fish food (included) convenient. There is an opening at the top that allows you to sprinkle the food in the water without having to remove the lid. This turns feeding into a mess-free operation. Gravel available separately.

Key Features
- 14 L (3.7 US Gal) Aquarium Set
- Seahorse theme cling-on decals and background
- Plastic cut-out ornament with holder
- Marina Internal Filter
- Nutrafin Aqua Plus and Cycle Water Conditioners

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