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Pro Plan Dog Adult Light Chicken 3kg

Pro Plan Dog Adult Light Chicken 3kg

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Helping your dog to maintain a healthy weight is important for an amazing life together. Specially formulated by our vets and nutritionists, PURINA PRO PLAN with OPTIWEIGHT is proven to promote healthy weight loss.OPTIWEIGHT is proven effective for healthy weight loss and weight maintenance, thanks to high protein, low fat, complex carbohydrates and adequate fibre levels. That means better management of your dogs appetite (compared with Medium Adult with OPTIHEALTH), while maintaining muscle mass and supporting healthy joints. Helps maintain lean body mass during weight loss and after sterilisation. Helps reduce the feeling of hunger through high protein content, complex carbohydrates and adequate fibre levels. A combination of key nutrients that helps to support healthy joints for your dogs active lifestyle. Helps prevent future weight gain through lean body maintenance, encouraging calorie burning. Contains high quality pieces of chicken.

Dehydrated poultry protein, Wheat, Maize, Chicken (14%), Dried beet pulp, Soya meal, Maize grits, Rice (4%), Gluten, Digest, Fish oil, Minerals, Animal fat.


Adult weight 1-10kg: for maintenance: 45-200g per day; for sterilised: 35-175g per day; for weight loss: 30-150g per day. Adult weight 10-25kg: for maintenance: 200-370g per day; for sterilised: 175-320g per day; for weight loss: 150-275g per day. Adult weight 25-35kg: for maintenance: 370-460g per day; for sterilised: 320-400g per day; for weight loss: 275-345g per day. Adult weight 35-45kg: for maintenance: 460-545g per day; for sterilised: 400-475g per day; for weight loss: 345-410g per day. Adult weight 45-70kg: for maintenance: 545-735g per day; for sterilised: 475-640g per day; for weight loss: 410-550g per day. These amounts are guidelines only. When feeding for weight maintenance, to help keep your dog in an ideal body condition adjust the daily amounts according to your dogs activity level, physical condition and individual needs. If your dog is over his ideal weight, for a safe rate of weight loss follow the guidelines and adjust the amounts to target an average monthly loss of 2 to 4% of body weight. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times. To monitor your dogs health, consult a veterinary surgeon regularly.

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