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PROLYTE Probiotic Post Race Restorative Supplement for Racing Pigeons

PROLYTE Probiotic Post Race Restorative Supplement for Racing Pigeons

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Introducing improved Formula Prolyte Racing Pigeon Post Race Restorative Supplement. Our specially formulated blend of soluble probiotics and electrolytes is specifically designed to facilitate rapid recovery after racing or illness.

We’re thrilled to announce (at the time of writing) that Prolyte includes the only EU-approved probiotic for racing pigeons. This significant endorsement reassures pigeon enthusiasts that Prolyte is the top choice when it comes to pigeon recovery products.

We have painstakingly developed Prolyte to provide your racing pigeons with the most effective combination of probiotics and electrolytes ensuring swift restoration and rejuvenation. The EU-approved probiotic is renowned for its ability to restore and maintain a healthy gut microbiome, playing a vital role in your pigeon’s overall health.

Easily add this racing pigeon post race restorative supplement to your pigeons’ drinking water for optimum convenience. Seamlessly combine any Aviform pigeon products  to tailor your pigeon’s needs and streamline their regime.

We firmly believe that Prolyte is the ultimate pigeon recovery product on the market. With its superior formulation and the inclusion of the EU-approved probiotic, Prolyte really is the ultimate support for your pigeons during their recovery process.

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