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TetraMin Pro Crisps

TetraMin Pro Crisps

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New improved recipe for clean and clear water - guaranteed*.

The new formula for "clear water" is proven to enhance the growth of fish, thanks to improved nutrient uptake. Since more nutrients are absorbed in the body, the amount of excrement produced by the fish is reduced. This has a positive effect on the water quality.
reduces nitrate (-16%)
reduces phosphate (-10%)

The improved water quality reduces algae growth, ensuring clear water.
Hence: the new TetraMin. It's clearly better!

Patented BioActive formula* strengthens resistance to disease, promoting health and longevity
Easy dosage bottle with a dosage lid on 100 ml and 250 ml bottles
Carefully selected mixture containing high-quality nutrients with vitamins, minerals and trace elements for a nutritious diet.

EP 0848592
When used correctly, the new TetraMin considerably improves nutrient uptake and reduces the excrement produced by the fish (compared with the old TetraMin) - guaranteed.

Complete food for all tropical fish.
Thanks to the low-heat production process TetraMin Crisps are highly nutritious
With Clean and Clear Water Formula
Patented Active formula* maintains a healthy immune system
For decreased water pollution and therefore reduced algae growth

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