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TUMMYTONIC® New Formula Penta-biotic® Digestive Supplement for Dogs

TUMMYTONIC® New Formula Penta-biotic® Digestive Supplement for Dogs

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Ensure optimal digestive health for your furry friend with this daily digestive supplement for dogs!

Tummytonic® is a next-generation probiotic, prebiotic and postbiotic for the pet parents of dogs with sensitive tums, and those looking to maintain healthy digestion in their pooch.

Our new Penta-biotic® synergy (triple-action prebiotics, canine approved probiotics and canine specific postbiotics) makes this so much more than just a digestive supplement!

Tummytonic® is a unique blend of natural ingredients for healthy digestion and immunity while relieving your dog from wind, loose stools, unwanted odour and other digestive issues. Tummytonic® promotes a healthy balance in the digestive system reducing harmful bacteria and promoting good bacteria. Not only does this fast-acting supplement aid in eliminating toxins, it is also highly palatable. Meaning it is suitable for even the fussiest of eaters!

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