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Aquarium Air Pump Mini

Aquarium Air Pump Mini

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With many years experience behind us, Interpet have specifically developed the Aqua Air to be quiet, reliable and compact whilst still providing you with a powerful output using unique carbon air filters to provide top of the range pump specifications at a cost effctive price.
All of our Aqua Airs use neoprene diaphragms for increased durablilty, which will lenthen the life of the product further than lots of it's competition.

The Pond Air Pumps are the simple and easy way to provide the aeration needed in your pond. The pump pushes air through the tube and the air stone, creating bubbles which rise to the surface of the pond and disturb the surface, allowing for greater oxygen exchange. A good oxygen level in the pond is vital for healthy fish.

Full installation instructions are provided. The pump unit is not weather proof and therefore must be housed in a weatherproof container or indoors.

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