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Aquarium Lumo Anemone & Fish

Aquarium Lumo Anemone & Fish

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The renowned Classic Pet Products range of aquarium ornaments is unsurpassed in terms of intricate attention to detail, colour, variety and choice.

New to the range are 12 superb new ornaments which will bring a whole new dimension to your tank. Bring your freshwater aquarium to life with the "worlds best" tank illumination.

Made from non-toxic, high quality silicon which has a superb texture and softness which moves with the water column bringing added movement as well as beautiful illumination to your tank. These ornaments fluoresce under the lights and retain their luminescence for a short while after the lights are turned off providing an extra magical glow.

Sea Anemone with Clown Fish - Overall size 5.5 x 5.5 x 11 cm
Assorted Colours

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