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Classic Ornament Arizona Rock

Classic Ornament Arizona Rock

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The renowned Classic Aquatics range of Polyresin aquarium ornaments is unsurpassed in terms of intricate attention to detail, colour, variety and choice.

Each ornament is hand made and hand painted (using non-toxic paints), and this range has evolved over more than 20 years to become the universally recognised market-leader.

This intricate Arizona Rock ornament is complete with soft "plant" material which move with the passage of fish and water movement and has interesting caves which make great fishy hiding places and add interest to the aquarium.

Look out for our other Rocky ornaments to help build the whole aquatic scene; or why not try a spooky skull to add some real drama.

This is also a great ornament for use in a terrarium.

Overall size L 255 x W 155 x H 200 mm.

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