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Fluval U3 Underwater Filter

Fluval U3 Underwater Filter

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The Fluval U3 Underwater Filter is ideal for use in fresh, marine or reptile environments. It comes complete with the Adjustable 3-Way Flow Control feature, 2 Foam Pads, 2 Poly/Carbon Cartridges, and BIOMAX Biological Rings

The U3 is suitable for aquariums from 90 to 150 L (24 to 40 U.S. gal.).

Other sizes available:
-A465 Fluval U1 Underwater Filter, for aquariums up 55 L (15 U.S. gal.)
-A470 Fluval U2 Underwater Filter, for aquariums from 45 to 110 L (12 to 30 U.S. gal.)
-A480 Fluval U4 Underwater Filter, for aquariums from 130 to 240 L (34 to 65 U.S. gal.)

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