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Harkers Harka-dip

Harkers Harka-dip

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Harka-Dip is a general purpose pigeon dip to promote good plumage hygiene and to treat and prevent infection from ectoparasites - flies, lice and mites.

Dilute the contents of the bottle into 9ltrs (2 gallons) of warm water, hold the bird by the wings and completely immerse up to the head. Ruffle the feathers to allow the solution to penetrate, then drain the bird and gently squeeze out the feathers, return the bird to the perch to enable the plumage to dry. The operation should only take around 20 seconds.

Harka-Dip removes natural water proofing from the feathers so do not allow birds to fly for one day after dipping. After dipping do not allow birds to fly for seven days during rain.

Harka-Dip is available in a 100ml bottle. Contains 0.1% w/v Cypermethrin.

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