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Hills Feline Adult Tuna 400g

Hills Feline Adult Tuna 400g

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Hills feline adult with Tuna in a 400g size bag.

Hills Science Plan Feline Cat Food Adult Tuna 400g

To help keep your cat at maximum health, Science Plan is enriched with natural ingredients that many cats lack in their normal diet. The Science Plan Adult complete dry cat food is designed to meet the dietary needs of cats from age 1-6 years. Expertly created, this nutritional food will help to keep your cat healthy and purring away.

Omega 3 and 6 to keep skin and fur healthy
Vitamins E and C to improve the immune system
Taurine to keep the heart strong
This 400g supply of Hills Science Plan Feline Dry Cat Food is not only healthy, it tastes great too! When looking at dietary needs, there is no need to lose any flavour - the Science Plan diet uses a combination of natural essentials to maximise taste to leave your cat smacking his little lips and purring his tail off.

Dry cat food is a great alternative to normal tinned food as it lasts much longer. If you are leaving your puss alone whilst at work, dry food is great for putting down for your cat to graze, especially for use in gravity feeders. Some cats like to eat little, but often - dry food allows them to do this without food going bad. With all of the essential ingredients, you know that you are looking after your favourite pet! Boost your cat's life with a healthy dose of the essentials.

Suitable for Adult Cats.

Hills Science Plan contains:

Water, which is vital for survival and helps the body in countless ways.
Proteins, which are very important for the growth and health of teeth, bones and muscles.
Fats, which play many roles, including helping to absorb vitamins and keep skin healthy.
Vitamins that help keep a healthy metabolism.
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