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Komodo Jelly Pots

Komodo Jelly Pots

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Komodo Jelly pot display Jar - contains 60 Mixed flavoured Jelly Pots.

Fruit flavour - Melon, Strawberry, Banana,Mango
Sweet flavour- Brown sugar & Honey
Other flavour - Classic Lactic Acid

Fortified with protein, flavoured using fruit extracts and other natural flavours.

High Protein flavoured Jelly Pots are perfect for insects such as beetles, cockroaches and millipedes, or as a treat for reptiles.

Komodo’s Jelly Pots are a convenient way to provide well nourished live food to reptiles, helping extend the lives of the insects.

Used as part of a balanced diet, the convenient pot can simply be placed within the live foods enclosure helping to keep them healthy, which in turn provides reptiles with nutrient-packed insects.

Can also be used as an occasional treat for nectar or fruit eating reptiles.

How to use.
Remove film lid
Place pot in enclosure
The use of a jelly pot holder will keep the pot in position, stopping it being knock over.
You can also remove the jelly pot form the holder by squeezing the bottom of the pot, this should be placed onto a dish to help keep it of the substrate.
Remove after 5 days if not eaten.
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Composition:- Water, sugar, Fructose, Fruit Juice, seaweed extract, amino acid glycine.

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