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Komodo Tortoise Fruit Mix

Komodo Tortoise Fruit Mix

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Komodo Complementary natural Fruit mix.

The complementary diets from Komodo are not only for Tortoises, can be used for a variety of lizard and mammals that enjoy a little treat.


64% Dandelion - 16% Aronia Berries(Chokeberries) 8% Strawberry 12% Redcurrents.

Dandelion - Helps reduce the quantity of fluids in animals, helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Also rich in magnesium it also help treating urinary infections.

Aronia Berries - Source of many vitamins, micronutrients, fibre which helps to neutralise the harmful action of free radicals in the body.

Dried Strawberry - full of vitamin C and a range of vitamin b vitamins, supports the digestive system.

Redcurrents - Rich in potassium

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