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NATURAL CALM Natural Calmer

NATURAL CALM Natural Calmer

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Fast acting calmer for anxious, nervous, hyper active, excitable and stressed dogs. Cannot be overdosed as it is 100% natural with no side effects. This Palatable liquid for ease of administration - Add to feed or give direct. Very economical - 250ml should last a medium sized dog around 4 months. Recommended for All stressful periods such as; Training, Travel and Fireworks. Good for Nervous aggression and Rescue dogs. Ingredients include: Wild Lettuce Extract, Passiflora Extract, German Chamomile Extract, Hawthorn Extract, on a palatable syrup base. All the above ingredients offer excellent calming properties. Add to feed or give direct - 4ml per 10kg body weight daily. Ongoing - At above rate for 10 consecutive days. Thereafter reduce to between one third and a half the above rate daily, depending on severity of problem. Level can safely be increased to 4ml per 10kg daily on an ongoing basis in severe cases.For Stressfull Events - At above daily rate over the period required.

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