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O' Canis horses Extra Large Bone 900g

O' Canis horses Extra Large Bone 900g

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O´Canis horse’s bonesO'Canis horse’s bones are gently dried and natural. The horse’s
bones are low-fat and guarantee long-lasting chewing joy for your dog. O'Canis
horse’s bones is a diet supplement which is perfect for dogs that are either
sensitive or suffering from allergies. O’Canis horse’s bones serves as a
long-lasting joy for your dog, however, it is advised not to let your dog chew
them for more than one hour in order to give the jaw muscles some rest and
prevent your dog from having defecating problems.
O'Canis horse’s bones helps the natural dog’s
teeth cleaning.
O'Canis horse’s bones is packed into a heat
sealed foil packaging that keeps all smells inside.
Horse’s bones (100%)
crude protein 73,7%crude fat 11,8%crude ash 3,8%Moisture (wet
nutrition) 9,1%
One bone in a packaging
fresh ingredientsgentle drying
processno chemical
add-onsno artificial
flavorsno artificial
attractantsno sugar or
caramelMade in the

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