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O' Canis turkey meat slices 6pcs per packet

O' Canis turkey meat slices 6pcs per packet

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O´Canis turkey meat slices
O’Canis turkey meat slices is 100 % made out of
turkey. It is a perfect and juicy diet supplements for dogs.As always,
and also in this case, we offer you a product that has been carefully prepared.
O’Canis turkey meat slices is gently dried and it has preserved its goodness and
original taste. The turkey meat slices are handy and not greasy. Due to their
small quantity (6 pieces in a bag) they are perfect as a reward during training
session with your dog. Moreover, they do not have any attractants, sugar or
chemical preservatives. O’Canis offers you a product that is both tasty and 100
% natural.
O’Canis turkey meat slices is packed into heat
sealed foil packaging that keeps all smells inside.
They are perfect snacks during walks.
Turkey meat (100%)
crude protein 58%crude fat 11,2%crude ash 4,08%crude
fiber 2,8%
6 pieces in a bag
fresh ingredientsgentle drying process no
chemical add-ons no
artificial flavors no
artificial dye natural no
preservatives no

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