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Peckish Extra Goodness Energy Fat

Peckish Extra Goodness Energy Fat

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Peckish Extra Goodness Balls contain Extra Protein, Extra Seed and Extra Energy, to help fuel birds for longer!
• Packed with peanuts and sunflowers
• Feeds twice as fast
• No fillers
Why Use
1.High Quality Seeds and Suet
Our Extra Goodness Balls are packed with high energy Sunflower Seeds and Peanuts to help bring more birds to the garden.
2.Extra Protein, Extra Seeds, Extra Energy
The Extra Goodness Balls are our highest nutritional Suet Ball, they contain more protein, and more fat than any other Peckish branded energy ball, sure to give the birds a tasty meal.
3.Added Peanut Aroma
The added peanut aroma is very attractive, although garden birds have a poor smell they can still pick up strong aromas, this peanut smell will certainly get them interested.
4.No added wheat or calcium
These suet balls have no extra added wheat to bulk up the product, they also contain no calcium carbonate as a filler making these our best energy balls.

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