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Pest Stop Little Nip Mouse Trap

Pest Stop Little Nip Mouse Trap

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2017 marked the 120 year anniversary of the Little Nipper, which was invented in 1897,
making this humble wooden trap one of the oldest surviving and most recognisable pieces of
pest control technology.
The Little Nipper still holds its own against modern traps and remains the standard bearer
for quick and effective trapping, meaning it remains largely unchanged since it was invented.
The trap has a vivid and rich history, which is why it is remains the most beloved mouse trap
in the United Kingdom, selling in the tens of millions over the decades. Here, we trace that
history, from its humble beginnings in Leeds, to becoming the must-stock powerhouse of
rodent control it is today.
The Little Nipper is still made at Pelsis’ head office in the UK – it is sawed and stamped by
machine, and completed by hand in the Pelsis warehouse in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire,
maintaining the “handmade in the UK� quality which is so synonymous with the brand.
Want to learn more about the history of the Little Nipper?
Visit to watch our small film about the journey of this much loved

The original and best conventional trap, our Little Nipper was first made in 1897 and has remained largely unchanged ever since.
It’s distinctive and effective design means it remains the most recognisable and popular name in rodent control today.

• The original and best - first made in 1897
• Distinctive and effective, quick and humane
• Astoundingly high catch rate
• Made by hand in our UK head office
• Contains 30 loose traps
• Available individually barcoded, product code PSLNM/BC
• Dimensions (mm): 40 (H) x 100 (W) x 20 (D)

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