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Pillow Wad Barley Straw Pond

Pillow Wad Barley Straw Pond

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This is a great natural and environmentally friendly way to kill of the algae and is a popular alternative to chemical pond treatments. A year-round protection that will not harm plants or fish. Float the stick in the pond, ideally placed near the water outlet and tethered just below the surface. When the straw has almost fully decayed, place in a fresh stick then remove the old one two weeks later. The small amount of hydrogen peroxide is released as the straw rots. Although the straw can be applied any time of year, it is best to add the nets of straw to your pond early in the spring, prior to any algae being visible. It can take 6-8 weeks to notice any results from the straw, however once the straw begins to decompose, it will remain active until it has almost completely decomposed.

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