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Rogz Neo Catz Pink Candy Stripe Cat Collar

Rogz Neo Catz Pink Candy Stripe Cat Collar

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Rogz Catz NeoCat Small 11mm Stylish Cat Collars are fully adjustable for a neck size from 20-31cm and are fitted with the new Safeloc Breakaway Clip, which allows you to easily adjust the break-away load of the buckle for cats of +6.6lbs, +8.8lbs and +11lbs. Safety is still the priority so the buckle will still break free if placed under too much strain.

With its color-coded and removable bell, satin-weave nylon webbing with an overlay print, your cat will be able to strut his stuff when out seeking adventure. All NeoCat collars are scratch-resistant and their rolled edges are stitched as well to ensure no open ends or sharp edges on the product.

Suitable for most cat breeds and sizes.

Product features : Safeloc Breakaway Cat Collar, removable bell, scratch-proof webbing, adjustable size

Material: Printed Neoprene On Polyester Webbing

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