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Supreme Selective Rabbit Junior

Supreme Selective Rabbit Junior

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Science Selective Junior Rabbit Spinach & Linseed-Formulated for the elevated nutritional requirements of rabbits aged 4-20 wks, and pregnant & lactating does.

• Nutritionally complete & balanced food
• No added sugars or artificial colourants
• Prevents selective feeding
• For young rabbits and pregnant or lactating does
• High fibre-19%
• High protein level assists growth & development With spinach, naturally high in lutein, alpha-lipoic acid and Co-enzyme Q10
• With linseed-an excellent source of Omega 3

Supreme science Selective Junior Rabbit is formulated specifically for the elevated nutritional requirements of rabbits aged 4-20wks, and pregnant & lactating does. This carefully and scientifically chosen blend of high quality ingredients creates a highly palatable diet, which caters for the needs of the growing and developing rabbit, ensuring a good start in life through nutritional excellence. Supreme science Selective® Junior Rabbit is a highly palatable diet, containing ingredients to help stimulate the appetite, helping to encourage regular feeding & nutritional intake.


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