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Taste Of The Wild Grain Free Formula Pine Forest

Taste Of The Wild Grain Free Formula Pine Forest

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This Pine Forest grain-free formula provides digestible energy and excellent nutrition for your dog. Venison is a lean, highly digestible protein, providing your dog with lots of energy and that wild game flavour, without the extra fat. Probiotics and prebiotic fibre help support healthy digestion, while the perfect balance of omega fatty acids, legumes, fruits and protein sources make this a well-rounded, nutrient-packed formula. Your dog craves a taste of the wild.

Key Benefits
Suitable for all Life stages; Puppies, Adults and Seniors, Grain Free Formula, Venison and Lamb, Optimal Amino Acids, Omega Fatty Acid Blend, Digestive Support System, Antioxidants, With Fruits and Vegetables, No Corn or Soy

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