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TDP PREBIOTICS Digestive Management 150g

TDP PREBIOTICS Digestive Management 150g

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Palatable powder containing a unique combination of both long and short chain prebiotics offering maximum benefit for digestive disorders, especially loose/jelly motions. UNIQUE POINTS are : Highly effective in assisting with long term digestive disorders, Probably the most effective natural preventive available , BENEFITS are: Aids recovery after illness or medication, especially antibiotics,Boosts essential gut flora, Improves appetite of fussy eaters, Improves coat condition, Reduces moulting. INGREDIENTS: Unique combination of both Mannanoligosaccharides and Fructoligosaccharides. ADMINISTRATION: Mix with feed or add to a little water or milk at the daily rate of 2g (1 scoop as supplied) per 5kg body weight. Post illness or medication: 7 consecutive days. Persistent loose motions: 3 consecutive days then revert to maintenance level. As a tonic and maintenance of a health digestive system: Daily 0.5-1g (quarter -half scoop).

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