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Toplife Cannine Milk 200ml x 18

Toplife Cannine Milk 200ml x 18

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As we all know, dogs enjoy milk, but normal cows milk can be harmful to dogs, as it contains a lot of added extras that can cause allergic reactions in our canine companions.

Toplife Formula Dog Milk, is an ideal solution, as it contains highly digestible goats milk, along with added glucosamine and chondroitin which are essential in helping to maintain healthy joints and cartilage. It also helps to boost your dogs natural immune system, helping them to fend off infections.

This dog milk also includes green tea which is know to contain powerful antioxidents, making it fantastic at maintaining well being and having an overall benefit to your dogs general health.

Toplife Formula Dog Milk contains a small amount of beef flavouring, which entices your dog to lap it up.

Toplife Formula Dog Milk comes in a pack of 18, 200ml cartons. RRP: £15.99 per 10pk

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