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Vanhee Van-Hiol 1500 - 30ml (Health drops)

Vanhee Van-Hiol 1500 - 30ml (Health drops)

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Health drops with potassium and iodine.

Prevent the risk of infection inside the pigeon baskets with Van-Hiol 1500.

- Supports the upper respiratory tracts.
- Promotes clean throats, noses white as chalk and pink breast skin.
- For optimal drinking water.
- Optimizes the digestion of carbon hydrates.
- Contributes to a normal cardiac rhythm (anti-stress).
- Enhances the metabolism and stimulates the down moult.

Ideal product after return from flights.


5 drops per litre of water, except on the day of basketing.

Iodine – potassium iodide.

- 30 ml tube

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