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Webbox Dog Mixer

Webbox Dog Mixer

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Webbox Mixer is a complementary dog food made with whole wheat. It provides calcium for sound teeth, vitamins for general health and essential fibre.

Webbox Mixer is the perfect partner for Webbox Chubs, fresh or tinned meat. It is a crunchy medium sized biscuit.

INGREDIENTS:Cereals, Meat & Animal Derivatives, Oils, Fats and Minerals. Contains EEC permitted antioxidant (BHA & BHT).

TYPICAL ANALYSIS:Protein: 11% Oil: 3% Fibre: 2%
Ash: 10%

Vitamin A: 8,000 iu/kg Vitamin D3: 2,000 iu/kg
Vitamin E: 100 mg/kg

FEEDING GUIDE: (Mixed with an equal quantity of Meaty Food)
Small breed 200g, Medium breed 400g,
Large breed 600g, Giant breed 800g

These quantites are for guidance only. Every dogs requirement
will be different, dependant upon breed, age, condition and
level of activity. Adjust the amount given to keep your dog
in a lean, active condition.

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