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Bird Improver™ 125g tub Tropical & Wild Bird

Bird Improver™ 125g tub Tropical & Wild Bird

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Bird Improver has been specially made and developped for Tropical and Wild Birds. Tested in 35 countries in Zoos, pet stores & captive birds in cage for many years with great results. Bird Improver is made of Acid Organic Formic for the vitality of the Tropical and Wild Bird that require a lot of attention and a lot of care: Bird Improver: Purify the water of the birds against all bacteries Kill safely the bad bacterias inside the body of the bird Protects against salmonella, e.coli, and other diseases facing the birds all year Improves the intestinal balance in the guts and intestines Gives a great vitality Improves the appetite of the birds Dramatically increase the breeding and fertility of the Birds in captivity Gives strong and colorfull feathers and a better growth in moulting period Slow down the stress and relax the birds Avoid use of general medicine and antibiotics. Dosage*: One coffee spoon (2.5gr) per 5 liters of water. 1 Bird Improver tub of 125gr can treat up to 600 birds during 6 months or 600 young birds for a year! Expiry date*: Illimited if Bird Improver is kept in a dry place If contact with the eyes occur, wash with water. Products very concentrated

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